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We are in the era of collaboration, radical fluidity, and rapid change. Employees expect organizations to speak up against societal issues, to develop ideas that generate systemic change, to align your culture and actions with your corporate values, to be authentic  and that you promote mass, inclusive participation. All while being authentic, agile, and producing qualitative and quantitative results.  

Get Cultured exists to help you navigate all of it through a powerful new approach of doing business.  We are here to help you humanize  your organization and invigorate communities and shift mindsets through the power of human connection – one  person and one company at a time.

We are a global corporate culture and communication consulting firm committed to helping businesses shift from life-sucking to life-giving organizations by placing human-centered cultures front and center.

We create and develop human experiences that reveal the culture within and ensure that it continuously aligns with the company’s purpose and vision.

We are the Present of Work shaping your future.


Is your company losing talent left and right? Is it undergoing an employee engagement crisis that you have no idea how to tackle? Is your business suffering from a toxic environment? Is it lacking direction and processes to manage change and uncertainty?

Culture in the workplace is the most important business investment your company will ever make. It impulses positive ROIs in all fronts – from employee fulfillment to a positive and healthy bottom line.  Yet, culture around the corporate world is either broken or non-existent. 

You have the power to change this. 

Discover our pillars to learn how to re-set, grow, and expand your business by rebuilding culture from the ground up.



With our proprietary culture framework we help you design a culture that is human—centric, aligns with your values and elevates the human experience within your organization.


We guide and help you re-think and re-structure your ways of working and service models to best fit the organization’s cultural transformation.


Together, we craft internal strategic and communication plans that reflect the organization’s values, purpose and new culture.


1 %
higher revenue

 Per employee in a highly engaged organization vs.  companies with average engagement. 

1 %

In a company with strong company culture vs. 48.4% in companies with weak cultures.

1 B
each year

The total cost of unhappy employees in American businesses. 

Source: Gallup and Growth Everywhere.

The future of work is now.
Let us help your business by designing a culture of growth, trust, engagement and transparency. Promoting engagement across all key players: employees, customer, and world.


Culture begins from the top to the bottom and to transform  organizational structures companies must design service models and processes that best represent the cuture, its people and sparks flow of communication, information and collaboration. 

Organizational design boosts human engagement: 

  • Inspires continuous innovation
  • Boosts creativity & productivity
  • Create a sense of belonging and community


If culture is the foundation of the company, communication is the motor behind it. People learn and relate to each other through stories and communication and when done consistently it generates trust, engagement and loyalty. 

Powerful storytelling:  

  • Triggers emotions
  • Builds relationships and nurtures communities
  • Creates memories and increases memorability


Culture Planning & Strategy

Culture strategy and development through your proprietary culture framework: The Showing Up Culture.

Market Trends Reports

Information is power. Analyzing, studying and understanding history, current events and the future of work is pivotal to guide business decisions and assess opportunities.

Communication Planning

We help your team co-create a communication strategy and plan that best reflects the company’s story and to create a framework on when, how and where to reveal it.


Already have your culture strategy and concept in place but no clue on how to communicate it? We craft it for you!


 Small and medium-sized companies and organizations committed to improving their industries and the world through their legacy.

Type of business

For-profit: Startups Seed Funding and beyond, small to mid-sized companies, social change organizations with up to 1,000 employees
Not-for-profit: Foundations, NGOs, Charities with up to 100 employees.


Education; CPG; Spirits and Beer; Financial Services; Lifestyle; Beauty; Home Care; Travel, Leisure, and Tourism; Technology; Music; Health & Wellness; CBD

Value drivers

Organizations that are:
- Committed to launching and expanding their
social impact footprint
- Dedicated to creating purpose-driven initiatives
- Inclined to improve corporate culture,
ways of working and employee engagement

Legacy blueprint

Devoted to contributing to United Nations SD goal around:
- Quality education
- Gender equality
- Sustainability
- Diversity, inclusion and equity


We are global and together bring decades of experience in building culture, organizational design & cultural communication plans that reflect the new, more human way of doing business. 

Beatriz M. Ayala


Bea is a spark plug. Her contagious energy, drive, passion, and strategic wit are the forces behind Get Cultured. She is a change agent with a clear vision that companies and foundations must enact fundamental corporate shifts and re-assess their modus operandi to engage employees, amplify competitive edge, and grow revenues.  

Bea is an award-winning Advertising and Communications executive. Prior to founding Get Trifecta, she spent 10 years working for global and local agencies co-leading the planning, media and creative execution for larger than life brands such as P&G, Cover Girl, Pantene, Downy, Medalla Light, Bacardi, Snickers, M&M’s, Pedigree, and Hyundai for the US Hispanic market, Central America, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico.  She also co-led key culture-driven strategies and initiatives, business operations and new business development at BBDO and other local agencies. 

She is an avid athlete dedicated to hiking, trekking, long-distance running, kickboxing, and volleyball. Music is in her veins and she spends hours curating playlists for herself and friends. She recently traveled the world for seven months — visiting every continent except Antarctica.  

Global Partners


Throughout her career, Bea has developed a vast worldwide network of creatives, entrepreneurs, project managers, programmers, web developers, producers, innovators, researchers, planners, lawyers, psychologists, and beyond whom she collaborates with to design groundbreaking ideas and plans. The network is activated on an ad hoc basis based on project scope and KPIs.

Words from the founder: “I always thought I was going to be a criminal investigator. I even entered college with the intention of studying criminal justice. And while I don’t investigate crime scenes, I do carry the inspector’s trait of being inquisitive, exploring all angles and solving problems — three main components to finding the right solutions to business challenges. Get Trifecta is one of my dreams. I aspire to inspire, to motivate people and companies to lead with meaning, embrace change and create a lasting positive impact in the world.  To question limiting belief systems, processes, and ways of working.  The popular notion of “it has always been done that way” is a self-built wall to try to avoid the unavoidable. I firmly believe we can transform the corporate world, communities, mindsets, and culture by changing the narrative and showing why and how to do it- one person and one company at a time.”

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